Maddox and Joynt Maddox Present at Olin Healthcare Symposium

Drs. Thomas Maddox and Karen Joynt Maddox were among the speakers at the Washington University Olin Business School’s 5th Annual Healthcare Symposium. The theme of the symposium was AI in healthcare. Both members of the cardiovascular faculty, Maddox and Joynt Maddox participated in a panel that focused on use cases.

Dr. Maddox, who is Vice President of Digital Products and Innovation for BJC HealthCare and heads up their Innovation Lab, spoke about viability of using AI in health care settings, given challenges such as privacy, variability in cases, and the fact that stakes are very high for accuracy. He presented some projects that are being worked on now, such as automation for note taking which could help alleviate some of the load on physicians. He also detailed the testing measures that will be implemented to measure the accuracy and effectiveness of the tool.

Dr. Joynt Maddox, who acts as Co-Director, Center for Advancing Health Services, Policy & Economics Research at the Institute for Public Health, presented several ways in which AI can be used to improve public health. From tracking outbreaks of disease, such as in the COVID19 pandemic, to using AI to target public health communication to specific audiences, she showed ways that we can change our strategies to be more responsive and optimize our use of resources by harnessing AI in these areas and more.