Director, Cardio-Oncology Fellowship

Joshua D. Mitchell, MD, MSCI

The Washington University School of Medicine offers educational opportunities for providers of all levels of training ranging from 2-4 week rotations to full year fellowships in Cardio-Oncology. Fellows who complete 3 months of Cardio-Oncology Rotations will be eligible for acknowledgement of a Focus in Cardio-Oncology on their graduation transcript. Externships are available for fellows from outside institutions.

All trainees will gain exposure to inpatient and outpatient cardiovascular care of patients with cancer and amyloidosis. Based on the trainee and rotation curriculum plan, additional time can or will be spent in observational and/or clinical trial research, advanced imaging techniques, hematology or oncology rotation, and/or graduate classes in genetics, research, statistics, epidemiology, or another focus of interest related to the trainee’s goals.


Interested individuals should contact the director of the Cardio-Oncology Fellowship Program, Joshua Mitchell, MD at