Research Day

An annual Cardiovascular Research Day each fall celebrates research accomplishments of trainees and junior faculty who are engaged in cardiovascular research. Program trainees present postersand attend a plenary talk that is given by a leading cardiovascular scientist. Recent plenary speakers have included Drs. Helen Hobbs, Brian Kobilka, Elizabeth McNally, and Peter Libby.

Cardiovascular Trainee Work-In-Progress Seminar

Predoctoral and postdoctoral trainees affiliated with the Training Program attend and present their research at a weekly series that showcases two 30 minute presentations to an audience that includes participants in the Training Program, affiliated faculty, and members of their laboratories. Through this series, the trainees are exposed to wide range of basic and translational cardiovascular research topics and are encouraged to provide constructive feedback to the presenter. The lively and relaxed atmosphere fosters discussions and interactions among the trainees.

Cardiovascular Research Seminar

This weekly lecture series introduces trainees to cutting edge basic and translational cardiovascular research. Each year, in addition to Washington University faculty speakers, 8-10 outside speakers, experts recognized in various aspects of cardiovascular biology and disease mechanisms, are invited for a 1-2 day visit. During these visits, the CCR sponsors a round table meeting at which interested trainees discuss their research and career development questions with these external experts. These are outstanding networking opportunities for trainees that can be helpful in their career development and transition to independence.

Cardiovascular Biology Training Program Distinguished Lectureship

Trainees in the program select and invite two distinguished cardiovascular investigators for a two day visit to Washington University and they also host these individuals during their visits here.

Journal Clubs

Trainees are encouraged to participate in a Journal Club in any area relevant to their research interests and ongoing research efforts. A listing of available journal clubs can also be found at the Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences website.

Departmental Seminars

There are many departmental and institutional seminars relevant to the research interests of participants in this Training Program, and trainees are encouraged to attend those that are relevant and of interest to them. A centralized listing of all of the seminars at Washington University Medical School is published weekly.