Liu Receives NIH Grant For Imaging Projects

Director of the Echocardiography section, Dr. Kan Liu, has received funding for the grant “Implications of Spatiotemporal Deep Learning Neural Networks in Echocardiographic Diagnosis and Prognostication of Takotsubo Syndrome”.

Projects funded by this grant will help integrate new imaging processing techniques and models to facilitate ongoing echo imaging automation process, with the potentials to increase lab workflow efficiency and quality control, and generate new imaging research opportunities for clinicians and researchers.

Dr. Kan Liu has worked on patient care, teaching and research in cardiovascular medicine for more than 15 years. His clinical activities include outpatient and inpatient cardiology, echocardiographic and cardiovascular imaging services. His research focuses on using deep convolutional neural networks to automate imaging data analysis, and establishing novel echocardiography processing models to support imaging diagnostic networks and enhance rural health engagement. He is particularly interested in data visualization on spatiotemporal imaging features to optimize disease phenomapping and classification, investigate pathophysiology and develop personalized treatment in ischemic and non-ischemic cardiomyopathies.