Dr. Zainab Mahmoud Receives Eisenberg Scholar Award

The Paul and Patti Eisenberg Scholar Award is presented annually by the Washington University School of Medicine Cardiovascular Division to fund junior faculty research that broadly focuses on cardiovascular disease. Funds should be used to generate key preliminary data and/or to develop new areas of research.

Dr. Zainab Mahmoud is this year’s recipient of the award, based on her application “Utilization of Aspirin for Prevention of Pre-Eclampsia in Nigeria: A Explanatory Sequential Mixed Methods Study”. This research has been selected for funding in the amount of $50,000.

Dr. Paul Eisenberg, former Professor of Medicine and CCU Director, and his wife Patti have generously provided funding for this award.  Dr. Eisenberg recently stated “I was very fortunate to have had a rewarding and successful academic research career in the Division of Cardiology.  We hope that this fund will give talented junior faculty the opportunity to start their research careers.”