Dr. Mark Huffman Will Serve as Faculty Lead for Trust and Public Health Transdisciplinary Team


The Washington University Incubator for Transdisciplinary Futures announced Mark Huffman, MD, MPH as a faculty lead of the Trust and Public Health cluster this week.

According to the ITF website, the mission of the organization “is to nurture innovative academic configurations that may endure—and even become research and educational models to follow—thus transforming not only Arts & Sciences but also Washington University.”.

The Trust and Public Health Cluster will create new research and learning that focuses on understanding the various sources of trust, mistrust, and distrust that affect public health, healthcare, and health policy.

Dr. Huffman joins Washington University professors David Carter (Political Science), Mathew Gabel (Political Science) and Jimin Ding (Mathematics and Biostatistics) as faculty leads for this multiyear venture.