The Cardiovascular Division is extremely proud of the more than 300 cardiology fellows, graduate students (PhD and MD/PhD) and post-doctoral research fellows that have received their cardiovascular training at Washington University School of Medicine.

Former faculty and trainees of the Cardiovascular Division have gone on to become the president of Ecuador, chancellors and deans of medical schools, chairs of medicine, chiefs of cardiology, and leaders in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Alumni Section of the Cardiovascular Division website is dedicated to our former faculty and trainees. This section of the website will feature a “Message from the Chief,” which will be updated bi-annually, and will contain a brief summary of current events within the Cardiovascular Division. The Alumni Section will also post the most recent bi-annual update of the Cardiovascular Division alumni newsletter, which is also available as a downloadable pdf file.

Our goal is to remain connected with our former faculty and trainees, who have contributed to the rich clinical, teaching and research environment that  exists in the Cardiovascular Division today.

Message from the Interim Chief

Greg Ewald, MD, FACC

We are delighted to welcome Sumanth Prabhu, MD, as the new Chief of the Cardiovascular Division at Washington University School of Medicine. He joins the division amid an amazing era of outstanding research by our faculty members who truly advance both the understanding and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

From examining the relationship between COVID-19 and heart problems to evaluating new devices for valve repair, and guiding the development of innovative cardiac MR technology, we are committed to supporting and encouraging novel investigations, clinical trials, and new ideas that ultimately will improve the outcomes of patients with varying cardiac issues. Earlier this year, we were leaders in the launch of a new international research network to study the biological processes that trigger inflammation after heart attacks. This consortium, called the Inflammatory-Fibrosis Axis in Ischemic Heart Failure: translating mechanisms into new diagnostics and therapeutics network (IMMUNO-FIB HF), involves both European and North American scientists. The North American research effort is led by Washington University radiologist Robert Gropler, MD, along with co-principal investigators Kory J. Lavine, MD, PhD, one of our cardiovascular researchers, and radiologist Yongjian Liu, PhD. Lavine leads the team’s effort to identify immune cell types and molecules that mediate harmful inflammatory responses.

As we look ahead to Dr. Prabhu joining us, I humbly say that it has been a privilege and an honor to have served as the interim chief of this division since 2019. I’m proud of all that we have accomplished — even through the COVID-19 pandemic — and am excited to have had a part in expanding our division’s faculty as well as in enhancing our patient care, research and education activities.

Gregory A. Ewald, MD, FACC
Interim Chief, Cardiovascular Division

Alumni newsletter

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