Cardiology Fellowship Training

At Washington University, we support and encourage the differentiation of fellows towards distinct pathways. To meet these needs, we offer our fellows two different training pathways:

  • The Clinical Pathway involves a 3-year training experience, with an optional fourth year, which includes a focused experience in fields such as imaging or valve disease combined with a commitment to scholarly activity.
  • The Investigator Pathway is designed for individuals interested in a career in investigator-initiated research. These individuals complete 24 months of in-depth clinical training and an additional 2 to 3 years are devoted exclusively to research. The research experience is designed to give the trainee the necessary tools in the techniques of investigator-initiated clinical, translational and/or basic research.

All cardiovascular fellows have a similar experience during their first two clinical years, regardless of the pathway chosen.

Learn more about first-, second- and third-year rotations »


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