Cardiology Fellows Graduate

We congratulate the following fellows for completing their training with the Cardiovascular Division and are heading to the next phase of their careers:

Christopher Evenson, MD
Parkview Hospital
Fort Wayne, IN

Adam Lick, MD
Crescent City Physicians
Touro Infirmary
New Orleans, LA

Stephen Philip, MD
University Of Wisconsin
Madison, WI

Cliff Pruett, MD
Heart Failure Fellowship
UT Southwestern
Dallas, TX

Vince Siebert, MD
Rooney Heart Institute
Naples Community Hospital
Naples, FL

The following fellows move to Advanced Fellowships at WashU:
Advanced Heart Failure
Kristen Wong, MD
Raja Zaghlol, MD

Critical Care
Nicholas Arnold, MD
Walter Schiffer, MD

Elin Beck, MD
Douglas Hall, MD
Shiyang (Steven) Zhang, MD