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Xiangyu Zhang, PhD

Instructor in Medicine


  • Yangzhou University, BS: Yangzhou, China (2007)
  • Nanjing University, PhD: Nanjing, China (2014)
  • Washington University School of Medicine, Postdoctoral Training: St. Louis, MO (2020)


2004 Undergraduate Scholarship, Yanzhou University
2005, 2006 Zhu Jin-Wen Undergraduate Scholarship, Yanzhou University
2008 Best Thesis of Graduate Student in 2nd Forum of Jiangsu Society for Immunology
2009 Best Thesis in Jiangsu Graduate Student Forum for Immunology
2016 Clinical/Translational Fellowship Award at the Cardiovascular Research Symposium, Washington University School of Medicine
2022 Travelling award and 2nd Place Finalist for the competition of Roger Davis Lectureship at Kern Lipid Conference

Clinical Interests

Clinical Cardiology

Research Interests

  • Function of macrophages and other immune cells in atherosclerotic plaque formation and obesity
  • Roles of solute carrier family in nutrient sensing and regulation of metabolism during atherogenesis
  • Mechanisms of risk factors for cardiovascular disease (emphasis on mTOR signaling pathway)
  • Developing novel therapeutics in cardiovascular disease